Citizens Advice campaigns

Third Sector

We are regularly commissioned by Citizens Advice to design for their various campaigns.

What we delivered
Campaign motifs
Posters, leaflets, folders, brochures

Last word
Because our campaigns put us right in the public eye it’s impossible to stress how important it is that they’re effective. Our ability to mount compelling campaigns is vital to our reputation and working with Mash has helped ensure that our messages really engage our target audiences and promote both us and our work in the right way. Peter JacksonCampaigns Team, Citizens Advice

The challenge
To devise visuals for all manner of topics from scams, bogus bailiffs, ATM machines, energy meters and legal representation. Not necessarily subjects that immediately suggest strong visual themes and therein lies the challenge. Mash digs deep to find ways to visually engage the target audience.

Our approach
Often there will be limited resources and a tight budget, so typically Mash uses techniques such as drawing, photography, and mono prints to create original, memorable and affordable graphics.

The results
The Citizens Advice consistently have a fantastic track record in bringing about political and social change. Whether it is putting pressure on governmental or commercial groups, Mash is proud to play its part in helping get their message to a broader audience.

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