Citizens Advice illustrations

Original illustrations created for Citizens Advice. As one of the largest volunteer organizations in the UK they offer free, confidential, impartial and independent advice to the general public. Their materials need to reflect the diversity of their target audience, but budgets to commission imagery are limited.

In response, Mash created a comprehensive body of graphics for use in all manner of publications, leaflets and internal communications.


Third sector

What we delivered

Original illustrations

Client feedback

Thanks for helping us negotiate our tight budgets and often even tighter deadlines.”
Lisa Nichols, Publications Manager

The challenge

Citizens Advice Bureau struggled to find appropriate visual imagery for use in its literature and approached Mash to help. The subject matter naturally leant itself to depicting people, but how to do this in an inclusive and non-discriminatory way?

Our approach

Photography was not considered a viable option due to high license fees and the near impossibility of sourcing consistently styled images that would reflect the people it targeted.

Our solution was the ‘jellies’ – a community of characters unconstrained by class, gender, race, sexuality or disability.

Citizens Advice illustrations

The library of jellies was conceived by Mash, but owned by Citizens Advice freeing them of ongoing license fees. It has proved to be hugely flexible and well received within national bureaux.

The positive depiction of people effectively communicates the messages of the Citizens Advice and has been used for over four years on all number of publications, leaflets and posters.

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