O.D.T.A.A. E-book design and hardback book

O.D.T.A.A.(One Damn Thing After Another) is a biography written by Terry Wilson. In this collection of short stories, Terry describes early days of working as an office boy, then moving onto Kodak where he developed his interest in photography. This was followed by 5 years in the RAF during the war. It’s a fascinating slice of history and well worth the read.

Mash were asked to translate the already popular hardback (originally typeset by our very own Ian Wilson) into a dynamic E-Book design for Kindle, Nook & iPad devices. A new cover, promotional website and a responsive web friendly version were also developed to celebrate the release of the E-Book.

What we delivered

Logo Development
Web Design & Development
E-Book Design


O.D.T.A.A. is available as a FREE download for Kindle and iPad.

Or the HTML version can be read online at onedamnthingafteranother.com

The O.D.T.A.A. E-book design challenge

With traditional book layout, the parameters are set by the the page format and the font size. Within these variables the designer establishes a type hierarchy to create a visually pleasing appearance always with legibility in mind.

The digital book gives a lot of this control back to the user, who can change the font selection and size. In some ways this makes the book design a moving target which is further complicated by the content being a continuous flow – not constrained by a ‘page’. The challenge of E-book design then, is to maintain clear hierarchy within the type styles and to offer a visual experience that is seamless between platforms.

Our approach

We started with a traditional page layout and adapted the digital versions to be as sympathetic as possible to this. The results have been well received and is one of our most popular downloads to date.

Further to this, the logo we designed for the O.D.T.A.A. publisher, Pike Books, has been featured in a new book celebrating the human form in logos. Grab yourself of Human Logo book here.


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