Bunting fashion brand

Establishing the brand personality and visual identity for a new London based clothing label called Bunting. Bunting fashion brand needed a new logo and visual positioning within this competitive market.


What we delivered
Brand positioning
Logo development
Website concepts
Brand collateral

The challenge
Working with the client to establish the brand personality and create a logo to reflect this.

Our approach
We got under the skin of the project by creating multiple mood boards to identify the personality of the Bunting fashion brand. We identified detailed personas that reflected the target audience and their likes and dislikes. Throughout the project we referred back to these user groups to test that our visuals and messaging would resonate with them.

The chosen theme was eccentric and quintessentially British, with the type mark based on an Edwardian typeface called Windsor. The Edwardian era was a time of Empire; and the confidence and eclectic nature of the Empire totally befits the Bunting rage of clothing, which celebrates the use of British fabrics and manufacturing.

The results
The creation of a mark which celebrates the best of Britain’s past, but with a firm eye to the future. As a fashion label, the range of coats will change from season to season, however the underpinning brand needs to remain consistent and true to itself. By clearly defining the brand personality, it allows Mash to further develop the marketing materials and website over time.

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