Your logo is a key element in how people recognise and relate to your business. For the past 20 years we’ve worked with a vast range of clients to create strong, identifiable brand marques. Regardless of sector, we apply the same rules and principles to every identity we tackle.

1. Black & White

The logo must be as strong in monochrome, as it is in colour.

2. Online & Offline

It must work as effectively in pixels as it does in ink.

3. Scalable

It must work in very small and very large spaces.

4. Simple

If all else fails, it needs to be simple and understandable.

5. Memorable

It needs to be etched into your user’s mind.

6. Symbolic

It needs to capture your company ethos, but can’t tell the entire brand story; you have other brand assets such as imagery, tone of voice and messaging to help do that.