Taxand / good design gets results

Engaging members of this leading global finance organisation with a new website.

Sector: FinanceServices: DigitalStrategy


Taxand, the world’s largest independent tax organisation, was battling with an unwieldy website that failed to convey its member benefits, to showcase its prestigious events or give members the tools they need to connect with one another. 


Following a series of interviews across the world, we found that Taxand members wanted to feel more connected to one another. This insight led to the design of a whole new area of the site specifically designed for members. A new forum was built to encourage conversation and the sharing of ideas.

Visually the concept of connectivity was expressed through interconnected dot graphics. These were taken from the logo, but developed into infographics and patterns to tie the design together.

As part of our content strategy, new first-hand stories were gathered from ‘Taxanders’ – filming video testimonials to elegantly communicate member benefits. We also generated key stand-out statistics that we brought to life with bespoke infographics. 

Infographics developed from the dots in the Taxand logo


Taxand now boasts a fresh, modern, responsive website where users can find what they need effortlessly. Underpinning this is the new online member area, which means firms can connect with one another, share knowledge and insight; something that the organisation considers priceless. The result is a site – and an organisation – with a highly engaged member community.